Exciting Announcements

I am a semi-finalist in the Ms. Veteran America 2017 competition. If you have never heard of the competition, it is not your normal Ms. competition and it is not a beauty competition. The competition’s purpose is to showcase women beyond the uniform; it is to show that she is a veteran as well as a poised and beautiful woman. Many women beyond the competition part, it is to bring awareness and raise money for homeless women veterans.

Three Ways to Win at Thanksgiving Decorating!

When you open up your favorite magazine around the fall time, they always show tables dressed to the nines with delicious foods and beautiful displays. Sometimes those displays can be a little overwhelming, plus you wonder how the heck the person who puts that on their table has the time to make it. Well, I have some top tips for making the best display without overcrowding your table, plus they are fun and functional and work with you and not against you in the long run.

Target & HomeGoods Haul

I am like every other student struggling with money while in college I cannot pass up a deal. If that deal comes in the form of a free item or anything below the $10 line, then I am all about it. When I am looking for a good deal, I hit the “playground” at Target or Homegoods, and on my recent trips to the two stores, I was not disappointed.

DIY: Gilded Copper Bathroom Set

Well while perusing the aisles of Target (I ended up doing this twice so far this week), I saw the cutest baskets that were marked at $16.99. I wanted them, because I am a fan of gold and rose gold pieces, but I didn’t want to spend the money. Thankfully I have some $5 baskets I picked up a few years ago from Urban Outfitters and thought it would be more cost efficient to spray paint them the color I want.

My October Favorites

Another month has come and gone, meaning a month full of new favorites to add to a list of already burgeoning list. Of course before the launching of this blog it had been two years since I had shared my last list of favorites. Nonetheless, I will only share last month’s favorites (imagine if I did two years worth…whew!). Let’s get this started!