31 Days of Tarot (Week 1 Part 1)

Well the month long celebration that is Halloween has started and to celebrate it right I am doing 31 days of tarot. Each day I am pulling cards based on questions I ask the deck it can range on how my blog will turn out, love, or anything really I want to learn about. I will also be diving into my past with some of questions. October and especially Halloween is a special month to get in contact with your third eye; the veil between worlds is thinning, the Celtic year is ending, and we are heading into a new quarter of the wheel. This all means that new beginnings and possibilities are on the horizon.

With that being said, let's see what the cards have told me so far for week one:

October 1 (9-card love draw)

With this 9-card draw you read horizontally and vertically, that way you understand how each card relates to each other. Yes it is a little cheesy to be drawing cards to see what my love life will possibly look like, but hey I am a single gal with her whole life in front of her.

Row 1: Queen of Pentacles (or coins); Ace of Pentacles; 2 of Pentacles.

Very interesting that pentacles or coins are showing up in this draw, especially in the first row and as the head of each column. Pentacles, to me, mean abundance and how you attract things to you (in this case love). The Queen in any suite is the careful eye and nurturer of each aspect doling out wisdom and the intuitive advice when it comes to your life. Since it is the first card of the draw she is also supposed to represent the person asking the question, which is I. She is signaling towards possibly how I try to comfort and help people when it comes to attracting things to them. The Ace plays into this by saying love is something I am very focused on and I try to make it my ruling basis when deciding how I want my life to go. The juggler (2 of Pentacles) is definitely me. I am always trying to juggle multiple things at once, carefully weighing my options before I make my final decision; sometimes at my own detriment.

Row 2: 3 of Swords; The Chariot; 8 of Wands (or Staffs)

Well if the first row is supposed to represent me as a person, the second row would definitely represent me when it comes to relationships. I have had my heart broken and broken some hearts (3 of Swords) on my path to finding love and contentment in my life. The Chariot not only represents the journey I have made in my love life, but how I try to distance myself from what I have done in the past and from others in general; it is a fast moving vessel best suited for long distance travel. The 8 of Wands (or Staffs) is a very actionable card; they are being launched towards an unknown target. Wands are also communication devices and are the symbol for the Eastern corner of Air; they are able to tap into your ability to read and talk. When it comes to love Wands are supposed to represent your ability to talk openly about your expectations when it comes to relationships, but the next row, as well as the column it is in, is where this cards gets counterbalanced.

Row 3: Judgment; The Moon, Ace of Swords

Judgment is one of those cards, which have two meanings, especially when you are drawing for yourself. If you are like me, I judge my actions very carefully; like I said with the 2 of Pentacles I weigh all my options before coming to a decision. I also rely heavily on those around me, when it comes to how I should be seen and how I want to be seen. Does this mean that I am always seeking approval? No, but it does mean that people’s opinions of me, especially when it comes to my love life, matter to me; even if it is getting advice on what I should do in my love life. The Moon shows you what is unseen to you, especially if you are in the dark about something. When it comes to my love life, I am absolutely clueless as to what I should do. The Ace of Swords is supposed to show your strength in being alone and your ability to stand alone against all odds. Swords are connected to with the Southern corner of Fire and the passion that is associated with it.

Now to the columns, which are very interesting.

Column 1: Queen of Pentacles; 3 of Swords; Judgment

Oh what an interesting column indeed. The motherly queen in her rule over abundance and her need to doll out advice hasn’t really been a good card to follow through with. I can give advice, but when it comes to love and my broken heart I hate getting advice. I find it judgmental and belittling, because most of the time it is unwarranted advice.

Column 2: Ace of Pentacles; The Chariot; The Moon

This column is subtler when it comes to advice. It is saying that due to my need for an insurmountable of love that I am willing to travel to seek advice when it comes to love. But it also states that I am not looking in the right place and that it will be shown in the future.

Column 3: 2 of Pentacles; 8 of Wands; Ace of Swords

My strong and passionate side is what makes me continually weigh my options because I do not know what is the right target for my affection. I have many “crushes” and many options, but I don’t know how to sort through them in the most effective manner.

As you can see, the cards do not tell me I am going to fall in love anytime soon; my journey towards love has involved and will involve many people. Of course this is vague as all get out, but the fact that my cards are willing to call me out on my neediness when it comes to wanting love is quite funny.

October 2 (16-card Multi Question Spread)

Lets start from the top…the top pile that is.

Money: 2 of Pentacles; Justice; Page of Cups; 10 of Cups

You would think that I wouldn’t want to be emotional about money, but money is very much tied into my emotions. It doesn’t help that I get depressed about not having money and not being able to take care of things. But good ol’ Justice is there to make sure I buckle down and do what I need to do when it comes to weighing my options when it comes to spending and making money.

Love: 4 of Pentacles; 9 of Wands; Page of Swords; 10 of Swords

Well there seems to be a theme with these cards: I am passionate about my relationships and hold relationships very close, but I fucking suck at getting into them or keeping them. Thanks cards! I really needed something more constructive, but hey fuck you too.

Wisdom: 8 of Pentacles; 2 of Wands; Wheel of Fortune; Knight of Wands

Okay, a little bit more constructive. I am willing to work towards my goals and towards achieving them (which probably hurts me when it comes to relationships and helps when it comes to money). My willingness to work towards Graduate School and make sure I get in no matter what really pushes my limits, but they should be fruitful in the end.

Future: 2 of Cups; 3 of Pentacles; 7 of Pentacles; and 4 of Swords

This whole section really feeds into my wisdom and money questions. Not so much my love, though the 4 of Swords could signal a contentment when it comes to love. All and all it means that I am going to work card to get what I want, collaborate in order to achieve what I want, and be happy with the end result.

October 3 (3-card Education Spread)

King of Swords; Page of Wands; Ace of Wands

If you don’t know I am really worried when it comes to school and what the future brings, but my 3-card spread is quite hopeful when it comes to my education. As long as push and communicate what I want and what I am passionate about, then I will be able to get what I want. Of course talking about what I want is hard for me to do, so I guess I have to sack up and do what needs to be done to secure my future.

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