Welcome to the stage...

This has been a long time (several months to be more exact) coming on here. If you follow me on my other social media channels, then you know I have been performing quite often. That performance piece has been in the way of drag. I have been becoming an ultra feminized version of myself using the stage name as Shelly von Miller. So far, I have been received quite warmly.

Many in the drag community have their drag life and non-drag life separate, especially on social media. I have chosen not to separate my two lives, because of this one reason…it is still me. This whole blog is about my many adjectives and I just added another. I am a drag queen on top of a historian, feminist, student, veteran, woman, etc., etc., etc.

My drag aesthetic is just like me, it is a jumbled hot mess of different themes, characters, and ideas that I like and think I want to show to the world. Sometimes I am campy, sometimes I am spooky, sometimes I am pop. It all depends on what I want to give to the audience and who the audience is in general. At one of the open call nights in Dallas, they have a certain audience, so I do more pop and “dance” more because I know they will like it. In the competition I just did at my local bar, I showed my range of aesthetic because I want to show what I am able to pull from. Just like my writing, I broadcast what I want depending on where I am writing.

My name is quite simple though. Shelly is a nickname I have had for quite awhile; mostly a pet name from my family. I used to hate people calling me Shelly outside of my family, but I have grown to like that name and why not use it as a stage name? von Miller is a drag family name I was given (after asking) from a good friend who is basically a sister. Judy von Miller used to do drag and burlesque in Austin and Oregon. If you look up Judy on YouTube, you can see some of her performances.

Speaking of video, I have been really bad about having videos taken of me while I am performing. I have two videos that I plan on uploading on YouTube soon. I promise. Hopefully, I can showcase more of my appearance online soon.

Now for those who are a fan of drag culture, you probably saw the call for applications for Rupaul’s Drag Race all over social media. Do I plan on applying? No. Do I want to? Yes…eventually. I am new to the scene so I want to get my feet soaking wet before I jump into that. Also, I am in school and they film most of the time while I am in school. Or according to Reddit. There is also the unspoken rule that cis-females are not allowed to apply or if they do they will not be accepted. Hopefully with the inclusion of a cis-female on Drag Race Thailand, will change this American rule. Who knows?

So, if you want to see more looks, videos, etc. make sure you follow me on all my social media handles.

Stay beautiful!

Shelly von Miller

Special shout-out to David Martinez (@dmvrtinez.jpg on Instagram) for the beautiful photos of me.