#Witchtalk: Book of Shadows

What makes a great book of shadows? I guess that is hard to answer because each book of shadows is different. A green witch's BoS is different from a high ritual witch's BoS which is different from a solitary witch's BoS.

But What is It?

Think of it as a journal...Don't over think it!

Think of it as a journal. Your journal is not going to be the same as your sisters or friends. Some witches do have similar things in their BoS, but only because they have some of the same beliefs or those items are things all witches should know. Some of these items might be color associations, the Wheel of the Year, etc. In my BoS I have affirmations, rituals, spells, and a lot of other things. I also put notes on my rituals in my book because learning from my rituals and spells is always something I am trying to do. Don't over think it!

The Rules of the Spell Game...

The rules for BoS are also different depending on the witch. Some witches only allow themselves to touch and read their BoS. Some witches allow their coven members to read or write things in their BoS. I am on the mindset that knowledge is power and everyone should be knowledgeable, so I do not mind if people read or write in my BoS. I always make sure the person who is reading or writing in it is someone who I want to have energy associated with my BoS, but nonetheless, my book is free to read.

It doesn't have to be fancy!

Like everything else, the item you make your BoS is up to you. Some have it in a notebook. Some have it on the computer. I even know people who have a book made especially for their BoS. It all depends on what kind of person and witch you are. Are you a witch on a budget? Are you a witch on the go? If you are just starting out in the Craft and don’t know what you want to do, start with a notebook and when you feel comfortable transfer your writings into another book. Or keep the old notebook and continue onto a new book when that one is complete. Witches can have multiple BoS there is no rule saying you cannot.

Be you on the page...

My BoS is highly unorganized, it truly does read like a journal. Each page has different information and skips around. There are times I wish I had one that had sections that I could dedicate to what I want to put into my BoS, but it can get overwhelming to be that highly organized. If you are one that doesn't like your handwriting, then write it out on the computer, print it out on nice paper, and bind it yourself or paste it into a book you have picked out. There are plenty of awesome page designs online. Check out my "Witch Pins" board on Pinterest for all sorts of ideas to include a bookbinding tutorial.

Put Good Energy into Your Book...

My book starts off with a book blessing that I specifically wrote for it. It is something I plan on doing every time I start a new book. This helps nullify any energy that might be associated with the book when you bought it and pours the energy that you want into the book. My book blessing for my current book is:

Blessed Mother and Father,

May power and grace shine down on me and everything I pursue. May my workings benefit the best of you and the best of me. May wisdom be shined down on me with the power of the Craft and the world’s knowledge.

It is really simple and can say whatever you want to say. You can also use this blessing as well or tweak it as well. If you do all I ask is that you tag me whenever or if ever you post it online. You can also use your book blessing as a way to set your intentions for the book and a way to keep your BoS on track with what you really want to accomplish.

Need help writing a book blessing? Become a patron as low as $1 (or whatever you want to contribute) via my Patreon page. You'll get plenty of help and we will walk through what YOU want to achieve in your book. Plus you will get access to the Basic Witch Coven group on Facebook, so we can continue the conversation.

So, with all that being said who is ready to bring their BoS to being? Or do you already have one? What do you have or want to have in your BoS? Comment below!

Stay Beautiful