Full Moon in Sagittarius Ritual

Well, I have made it to 31. On this day 31 years ago, my mom pushed me out of her vagina and said: “Damn, that is a big ass baby.” Yeah, I was a big baby, but I was also a quiet, big ass baby. I know crazy but true. I guess it was just cluing my mom that I would be an introvert for a majority of my life. This year my birthday is on a full moon, specifically a Sagittarius full moon. If you would like to read more about the May 29th full moon, check out this article by astrologist Louise Edington: https://medium.com/@louiseedington/astrology-of-the-sagittarius-full-moon-may-29-2018-8-10-break-free-from-alienation-830d317e8de3.

This full moon my plan is to close the chapter of my crazy 30th year. It has been full of heartaches, headaches, and severe change. Last year I designed (and did not perform) a decade ritual and by not performing it I did myself a disservice, but also made it to where my ritual upkeep was not on par as it should be. So, this year I will be writing another ritual, but actually performing it. Hopefully with friends and family. For those who are not in the Houston-area, I am providing you with the ritual online. Perform it if you want, change it how you want; just mark this full moon with some great energy.

Full Moon Ritual (Sagittarius)**

Things you’ll need:

  • Cleansing items (whatever you usually cleanse with; I am using a specially made herb bundle)
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Music (I never bring my electronic devices into the circle, but if you are alone you can or ‘cut’ an opening when the time comes. Check out my playlist for this ritual!)
  • Candles (13 candles for the circle and however many you want to inside for light)
  • Charged Water (you can use holy, moon, or whatever you like)

Ritual Happenings:

  • Create the circle prior to anyone joining. This is so you can imbue the circle with your own energy and your intentions for the ritual.
    • Set up the 13 candles in a circle, lighting them as you go.
    • Splash water at each corner
  • ‘Cut’ a door to allow people in.
    • Cutting a door means to break the energy of the circle in order to leave or bring in people or items. You can use your hand or an athame to cut. Just make sure you close it back up!
    • Cleanse each person that comes into the circle. I will be drawing a pentacle on the front and backside of each person with my herb bundle.
    • People can congregate around the corner/element they resonate with. North: earth signs, East: air signs, South: fire signs, West: water signs.
  • Once everyone has found their place in the circle, invoke the corners ending with the deity. For this ritual, I am invoking Diana, the goddess of the hunt, of the moon, and of animals (to include birds who are the archetypes of communication and expansion).
  • Start the playlist and start dancing. You have to get the energy up somehow, so why not dance it into existence.
  • After bringing the energy up, keep it going with the ritual exercise. Ask everyone to take out their notebooks and pens and write goals for opening up their communication lines and gaining personal freedom.
    • Take about 20 minutes for this, keeping the music going.
  • Once the 20 minutes is up, have everyone (if they are comfortable) say one of their goals. By speaking the goal, they are holding themselves accountable and putting it out that they actually want to achieve it.
    • Tell everyone that once they have completed a goal, to burn that part of the list.
  • Close the ritual by meditating on their goals.
  • Thank and close each corner and Diana.

**In my Book I wrote this as a group ritual, but it can be changed for solitary ritual peoples. If you need any help paring down the ritual, drop me a line. I would love to help.

I hope everyone gets to open up those communication lines. It is empowering and helpful to be communicative with others, as well as, yourself.

How are you going to spend the full moon? Tell me in the comments or tweet me!


Need some inspiration for the full moon? Check out my playlist on Spotify!