#Witchtalk: Summer Solstice

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Make way! Another quarter is about to be done. It is officially summer and here in Texas, we are…soaking wet (well at least in the Gulf Coast area). It is steamy, hot, and we are at the beginning of the hurricane season. Despite being a little damp from all the wet weather we have been having, I am ready to celebrate summer. The solstice is also known as Litha, but you can use whatever name you want. So, I am going to share five of the ways you can celebrate the solstice (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, by the way, happy winter solstice to all my Southern Hemisphere people).

Bring Some Magic into the Kitchen

May Day or Beltane (May 1st) is not just a day to run around a maypole and countdown to Memorial Day. It was the ringing in of the harvest season, which means lots of farmer’s markets have re-opened across the United States. By the time that June 21st rolls around, they have started harvesting most of their early crops (summer squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers). Grab some yummy fruits and veggies and celebrate the tastes of summer. Get your kitchen witch on, put some magic in your food. Make an infused fruit water and hydrate yourself as you meditate in the sun. Or make a fresh veggie and pasta salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and whatever veggies you like and offer some to the deities you worship.

Need help finding a farmer’s market? Check out Local Harvest (https://www.localharvest.org/)

Put a (flower) Crown on it

I know it is cliché; summer = flower crowns. But I am not talking about your basic UO flower crown that you wear to festivals and then throw in the back of the closet for the next year (not that is anything wrong with it). No, I am talking about gathering up some flowers of your own and make a crown to wear during your summer rituals or whenever you want to feel a little summerier. Grab some summer blooms and get to wrapping. Or if you don’t want to use real flowers, check out your local hobby store and buy some summer blooms and a headband. Just a little glue and some patience and you will be ready to bring a little sunshine to your witchery. Check out this video from Megan Nielsen on making a flower crown à https://youtu.be/ZZVTJVWOZSM

Everybody Say Love

If you know me or have been following me for a while, then you know that I love, love, love a good drag show (especially RuPaul’s Drag Race). Plus, I just wrote (link here) about how the LGBTQIA+ community has been a crucial part of embracing my femininity. And since June is Pride Month, go celebrate! It does not matter if you are in the community, go be an ally! Love is what makes the world go round and is an essential part of magic. Go soak up all that good energy and put it towards your magic. Plus, you are telling the community that you support them and that you care and who doesn’t want to feel appreciated! Whether it is a pride parade, drag show, or just a community gathering get out there and spread some love. Your karma will love you for it.

Create Magic

Get your witch on. Dance, be merry and enjoy the summer. It can be a simple spell to welcome in the season or a full-blown ritual; whatever you feel comfortable with. Magic doesn’t have to complicated to make it happen. Here are some ideas for ritual or spells: a garden blessing, drawing down the sun, or tarot ritual based around the Sun major arcana card. These are just a few of the things you can do. If you need help writing or thinking of any ideas, become a patron for as little as $5/month I will give you witchery advice. There is a link at the top of this post!

Everything Old is Still Old & New

Every quarter I try to reorganize and revitalize my altar. Just cleaning it can bring new life to some of your older items. This can also be the time to dress up your altar for the new season. Add pops of orange, yellow, and gold to your altar with candles, stones, and offerings. Maybe dedicate your altar to a summer deity (think your maiden or the young man archetypes). Either way bringing in a new energy will not just revitalize you but will revitalize your magic as well.

Well, I hope this post helped you start thinking of how to spend your summer solstice. Either way, make sure you get outside and enjoy what the summer has to bring.

Stay Beautiful!