#Witchtalk: Breaking Those Bad Witch Habits

So you are probably saying to yourself, “New Year, New Me” and I am right there with you. Every year I try to set goals for the rest of the year. But this year I am doing something different. I am making a list of my bad habits and marking the ones I want to break. Sounds like a goal right? Wrong! Goals are easily forgotten, but habits stay with you...especially the bad ones. Some of my bad habits are just menial things like not doing the dishes right away. Or forgetting to change the laundry right away. Things that are honestly not bad, but are bad when they start piling up (especially the dishes). The truly bad ones that I want to conquer though are the ones that affect my well-being, like, not performing a ritual every turn of the wheel or not performing a daily self-care ritual.

And that is where the #witchtalk comes into play, because witch we need to talk.

We in the online magical community always preach (or should I say chant?) about self-care, ringing in the next lunar cycle, or making magical items. But let us (or I) get real for a second, our mundane (non-magical) life gets in the way. Whether it is our non-magical job or getting sick, we put a lot of things off until the last minute or not perform them at all. I have been especially bad about this. My first semester in grad school, I tried to make as much time for magical practices, but I will fully admit I fell behind. So this year, I am making it a habit to delve into my magical practices more. It can be a daily ritual in the morning or my big rituals at the turn of the wheel, but by gods and goddesses, I will be a witch.

And to keep me on track, I plan on live-streaming my big wheel changing rituals for you, posting them on Youtube, and making a blog post specifically for them. Yeah that also means I am making my mundane tasks (like this blog) and my magical tasks one and the same, because it is called balance. I am also designating months for specific types of magical work and sharing them with you. If you followed my #SensualSeptember posts on Instagram, then you know I can make it happen.

So, here is my promise to you and myself. I will be a better witch, I will be a blogger, and together we are going to break our bad magical and mundane habits together. Agreed? Agreed!

Let us start with January!

#JanuaryCleanse: In preparation for Imbolc/Candlemas, let us start cleaning our sacred spaces. Get rid of those old herbs, old projects, and old oils. You can also make it your time for mundane cleansing as well, a pre-spring cleaning if you will. You can also cleanse your body, we all know we start those resolutions to start working out more and eating right. I know I plan on eating out/ordering food less, if at all. Also, take this time to reset some of your witch things. A smudge smoke always does the sacred space good.

Show me your pictures on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #januarycleanse and #witchtalk. I cannot wait to see what you have cleaned out! And stay tuned for some of my cleansing spells and rituals on here!