Making the Most of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon

Is everyone excited about the Great American Solar Eclipse? I know I am and we all should be. Any eclipse is like a reset button for our spiritual selves and a solar eclipse will help turn that mixed up energy (thanks to the retrograde) into something more useful (well at least I hope it does for me). But August 21st is also a New Moon, specifically the second Leo New Moon in the season. New Moons mean new beginnings, setting new goals, and cleansing oneself (or tools) for the new cycle. With all that being said here are some ideas to make the most of your double fun day.

Exciting Announcements

I am a semi-finalist in the Ms. Veteran America 2017 competition. If you have never heard of the competition, it is not your normal Ms. competition and it is not a beauty competition. The competition’s purpose is to showcase women beyond the uniform; it is to show that she is a veteran as well as a poised and beautiful woman. Many women beyond the competition part, it is to bring awareness and raise money for homeless women veterans.

Three Ways to Win at Thanksgiving Decorating!

When you open up your favorite magazine around the fall time, they always show tables dressed to the nines with delicious foods and beautiful displays. Sometimes those displays can be a little overwhelming, plus you wonder how the heck the person who puts that on their table has the time to make it. Well, I have some top tips for making the best display without overcrowding your table, plus they are fun and functional and work with you and not against you in the long run.