The Witching Hour (Launching Michele The Blog)

Witch. It is a word that is full of mystery, intrigue, and hate (or at least for some people). Despite the religious tolerance we have in most of the world today, being a witch is seen sometimes as not a religion. It is questioned and ridiculed to the point that most people who identify as such go back into the metaphorical broom closet. That is where I hid for most of my life; guarded and dodging theological discussions in order to not answer the ultimate question So what do you believe in, Michele? There were only a few people who knew I was a witch and I liked it that way. It was my way of letting people know me completely through knowing I could trust them with this secret. Being a witch should have never been a secret, but it was. Despite my dedication to my gods, being a witch was my shame.

That changed once I joined the military; I found an open circle that embraced me and there I flourished. I grew into my skin as a witch in my early to mid-20s following a decade of solitary and silent living. Then one incident happened, which sent me back into the broom closet slamming the door behind me and locking it tight. No will not go into detail about what that incident because it is still a soft spot in my life due to what it did to me physically and mentally. I blamed the gods (never out loud) for what happened to me and spiraled into a pit of despair and self-loathing. I still believed in my gods, but I never felt connected to them the same again.

Until now. I have slowly rebuilt my confidence and my mental stability, which means I have slowly rebuilt the relationship I have with my gods. I realized that it was not the gods that caused this significant event to happen to me. It happened because it was supposed to happen and that it was going to happen no matter what. I am a witch; now and forever. I worship my gods the way I do and of course that is sometimes in line with other witches, but not always.

You’re probably wondering why I would launch my website talking about being a witch and my past with my religious preference. Well, it is one of the many adjectives that make me who I am and this blog is about expressing who I am through what I identify as. Pagans & witches are regular people; they just practice something different from the average. There are different sects in the umbrella religion Paganism, each having their own gods and ways of practicing their religion. The only time that we see The Devil is when we flip over the card in our tarot. Though some still practice the old way of sacrificing, the only sacrifice we do is when we offer ‘cake and mead’ to our gods. A lot of us observe Halloween or Samhain; it is even considered the New Year in the Celtic sect. There are commonalities between some Abrahamic religious holidays and Pagan holidays, especially when talking about the European Pagan sects.

Am I trying to convert you? No of course not. I believe in religious freedom, I am just trying to give you more context when you think Pagan or witch. Education is the key to understanding and accepting; without it ignorance breeds and just causes lots of problems later on. So on this wonderful day of Halloween, I say: Hi my name is Michele and I am a witch.

Now when it comes to the important part: what exactly is going to happen on this website. The plan is to post three times a week, where I plan on writing more posts like this, talking about health and beauty, doing DIYs, giving recipes, and a whole lot more. A Youtube channel will be launched early 2017, which will display video tutorials and some DIYs, which are better in video format. If you have any requests for particular posts or have any questions, please go to my contact form here. Join my mailing list to stay up-to-date on posts and any exclusives I might put out. Stay tuned for more.

Stay beautiful


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