Three Ways to Win at Thanksgiving Decorating!


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When you open up your favorite magazine around the fall time, they always show tables dressed to the nines with delicious foods and beautiful displays. Sometimes those displays can be a little overwhelming, plus you wonder how the heck the person who puts that on their table has the time to make it. Well, I have some top tips for making the best display without overcrowding your table, plus they are fun and functional and work with you and not against you in the long run.

Harvest wreath!

Put the wreath on the table instead of the door for a more festive decoration.

Put the wreath on the table instead of the door for a more festive decoration.

Everyone is hanging up their wreaths right about now, signaling the celebration of the fall and trying to show their neighbors that they have mad skills with a glue gun.

            1) Get a fall inspired wreath. You can get a pre-made one or if you have the skill and time get a bare one and make it your own. Stick with rustic colors such as copper, gold, orange, and brown. If you want to add some pops of color, add sprigs of evergreen. You can get most of these pieces from your local craft store, or if you want to save some money pick up a few things from outside. Make sure they are clean and free of bugs or you’ll have extra guests at your thanksgiving feast. PS: Stay away from the glitter, because no one wants glitter in his or her food.

            2) Use it as a display. I know most of the people would hang their wreath on the door, but why not lay that sucker on the table and get some function out of it. It acts as a display and can hide the glass or aluminum dish that holds your pie.

Want a simple DIY to deck your table? Check out this video for how to make maple leaf roses and to your fall inspired wreath courtesy of ThreadBanger.

Pumpkins! Gourds! Oh, My!

Pumpkins are not just for making pies. Use them as displays.

Pumpkins are not just for making pies. Use them as displays.

They start popping up in mid to late September and hold strong until the end of November, but this gourd is the best thing to decorate with. If you make your own pumpkin puree, then you always wonder what to do with that left over, hallowed out pumpkin. Why not make it a serving dish? If you make a fabulous pumpkin dessert dip or a pumpkin soup, then use that hallowed out pumpkin. Make sure it is clean inside and out and plus you can throw it away after you are done. Or even use it to house your special bouquet, keep to the fall theme by including sticks of wheat, strands of faux pumpkins, and springs of evergreen.

Want to make a pumpkin dip for your dessert table? Check out this recipe courtesy of Carolina Charm.

Make the Turkey the main attraction!

Make sure your side dishes go well with your main dish.

Make sure your side dishes go well with your main dish.

This should be a given, but place that turkey in the middle of the table. It will be an eye catcher, but also it will be central for sharing. If you are not doing turkey as your main protein or even doing meat, then make sure you have that main dish as the center as well. If is a non-meat main dish, then place it on a beautiful platter and arrange the side dishes that will compliment the dish well. It can help your guests with what they should put on their plate and a non-formal menu. Doing two main dishes? Have them pre-sliced or pre-cut and displayed on a big platter. You can separate them with roasted vegetables or even decorative items.

Going meatless this holiday season? Check out this post from Buzzfeed featuring 22 meatless main dishes. I might have to try the Roasted Fall Vegetable and Ricotta Pizza with some left over veggies.

Those were my simple tips to making sure your Thanksgiving gets the best treatment and is Instagram-worthy. What are you making this Thanksgiving? Take a picture of your table layout and tag me (@michelethegram) on Instagram. I would love to see yall's delicious dinners. Stay tuned for tips on how to prepare a great menu for your feast.

Stay Beautiful!