How I got 2 Pairs of Lulus FREE!

Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored or reimbursed by Lululemon Athletica to provide this information. I am providing it to you because I find it awesome and something that should be passed on. Especially if you throw down $88 on a pair of workout pants.

I am all about the athleisure wear, but especially when it comes to wearing yoga/workout pants. Why might you ask? Because I can be the laziest person in the world and that is not just a comment I make to make myself seem cool. When it comes to fashion, I can be one lazy motherfucker. I have to drive an hour and a half (one-way) five days a week and I do not have time to gussy myself up for a 9 am class (sorry Dr. Malakaj & Dr. Kaminska). Since I have gotten out of the military, my discipline to get up early and make sure every hair is in its right place has gone down dramatically.

Now what does this have to athleisure wear, you may be asking yourself. Simple…I am in love with Lululemon pants more specifically their Pace Rival Crop pant. I have bought two pairs in two different colors because I love them so much. They have pockets that hold my phone…need I say more. Furthermore, I can wear them to the gym, on a walk/run, or out and about. I even wore them to work when I worked retail because they were so comfortable and I was able to move in them without having to adjust them. Unfortunately for me, since I wear them quite often they have broken down quite fast (I have only had them for about a year and a half for each pair). So when I noticed a huge hole forming on my inner thigh along the seam, I was sad and was hoping I could fix them myself. That meant a venture into Google land to find what kind of stitch I could use in order to fix them, but what came out of that search was something even better.

Julie from A Sort of Yogi posted last year about how Lululemon would fix your seam holes for free the same way they do the hemming. I glowed with excitement but was still not convinced even though she provided photo proof (I am a skeptic that way). So that a romp through the FAQ section of the Lululemon website. Though I was not able to find anything, I figured it was safe to go in and ask and I got the same answer…they will fix the holes and it will take a few days. Could I part with my holey Lulus? Of course! Unfortunately, at that time, I had not brought them in because of course I was in a hurry in the morning and was not willing to drive home and waste gas just to pick up my pants to get them fixed. Fast-forward to yesterday, when I skipped school (I know the worst thing, but I would like to refer to my post about being a kick-ass non-traditional student), and I drove to the Lululemon near me/in my favorite part of town. With Lululemon bag in hand, I walked into the store to have my dreams dashed but also pieced back together. How might you ask? They informed me they do not repair pants, only hem, but replace them by damaging out the old ones and provided a FREE replacement.

Yes, you read that right. I got to exchange my damaged pieces with new and improved ones. Of course, I asked them if they did this at all locations, where I was quickly told YES. So that means my lovely people, if you have invested in Lulus and you have damaged ones somewhere in your drawer, then pop over to your local Lululemon and pick up a new pair. Now I do caution, do ask before demanding replacements for your damaged goods. Here is a pro-retail tip: ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RECEIPT. If it is something old, make sure you check the website for their return policy or policy on damaged goods. It should be a given, but you would be surprised a number of people we had come in at the store I worked at with years old damaged goods expecting a replacement. Most items have a year to a lifetime warranty, especially brands who sell wholesale to big box stores (i.e. Crosley & Herschel).

I cannot wait to snuggle into my new pants and will probably break them in with an extreme Crossfit workout next week.

Stay beautiful!