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Well, that was an eventful break and by eventful I mean exciting, filled with work, and energy draining. You have probably realized that I have been MIA on the blog for most of December and January, well that was because I have been working doing archiving for an accounting firm in town. Unfortunately, it has left me with a lack of energy and a need to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the beginning (I am currently on Season Five if that gives you any indications). Speaking of girl power, I have an awesome announcement to make:

Ms Veteran American

Ms Veteran American

I am a semi-finalist in the Ms. Veteran America 2017 competition.

Molly Mae Potter, current Ms. Veteran America

Molly Mae Potter, current Ms. Veteran America

If you have never heard of the competition, it is not your normal Ms. competition and it is not a beauty competition. The competition’s purpose is to showcase women beyond the uniform; it is to show that she is a veteran as well as a poised and beautiful woman. Many women beyond the competition part, it is to bring awareness and raise money for homeless women veterans. The competition started in 2012 by former US Army Major, the cancer survivor, and author Jaspen Boothe. They have crowned five beautiful women as Ms. Veteran America; the current winner is Molly Mae Potter, a former pilot, and Captain in the Air Force. There are few requirements the main one is the woman must be a veteran with a proof of an honorable discharge or a currently serving with ID and a commander letter.

I cannot believe I get to be part of such a welcoming and important competition. I get to be a voice for my fellow veterans and work through my depression, anxiety, and PTSD. And I am bringing y'all along with me. I will be documenting my journey through the competition up until the announcement of the Top 25 (which I hope to be part of). This journey will include raising money for Final Salute, Inc., picking out my outfits, picking a talent (yes I have to have a talent), and journeying to Regionals in Las Vegas. I will update here on the blog, on my Instagram, and the social media pages specifically for the competition (I will leave links at the end of the post).

As I said before I am raising money for Final Salute, Inc. a non-profit organization that supports and assists female veterans and their families who are facing homelessness. “Final Salute Inc. believes in paying women Veterans with the proper respects due to them for the service they have provided to our country. Final Salute also works with the Veteran in establishing her plan towards independence.” There is an estimated 55,000 homeless women veterans at any time and most shelters geared towards veterans are not properly equipped for female veterans and children. So Final Salute has come up with a few solutions to provide safe and adequate care for these women. They have to-date provided care in over 30 states and territories. It takes $25 a day to support a female veteran and her family, but every dollar donated counts. My goal is to raise $10,000 dollars for Final Salute to provide 20 female veterans with one month of care and support. If you would like to donate please go to the link below:


If you would like to find out more about Final Salute click here. If you would like to participate or learn more about Ms. Veteran America click here.

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Stay beautiful!