31 Days of Tarot (Week 1 Part 2) and an Announcement

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October 4 (11-card spread for a friend; Love, Finances, and how they are connected) 

My friend gave me permission to publish their reading over the Internet for y’all to read. I promised not to disclose their name or gender for their privacy.

Left Pile (Love): 4 of Swords; Temperance; 3 of Pentacles; 5 of Wands

This person fights with being contempt with being single and willing to get into a relationship if the chance is presented. They do not know how to find the balance and well they do have “hoe” tendencies, which supposedly have dwindled now that they have grown older. It’s being able to find happiness with yourself first that you will be able to find a stable and lasting relationship. Stop fighting love and just go with the flow.

Right Pile (Finances): 9 of Wands; Page of Swords; 4 of Pentacles; 4 of Wands

They are a hard worker no matter the task that is put in front of them and they are passionate about being able to provide a stable future for their family and future, but past tendencies do creep up and well they need to get a lock on them. Having fun is good, but having too much fun can put a dent in your future plans for financial security. 

Bottom Pile (How they are connected): 3 of Wands; King of Swords; Page of Wands

Being able to get a better perspective on what you want and willing to take your passion to the next level (whether that is passion for a relationship or passion for a career and financial stability) is key to your happiness. You have to make sure that you are able to voice your passions properly (Page of Wands) and readily, because the only person looking out for you is you.

October 5 (3-card spread on my health)

The World; 5 of Wands; 3 of Wands

I am surrounded on all sides by what I want to do and how I want to be perceived and seen. Unfortunately this conflicts with what I actually want to do with my life and I am always fighting to maintain a balance on my physical and mental health. I have to stop and look at what my goals truly are in order to be more contempt with who I am no matter my limitations.

October 6 (1-card pull for October)

9 of Cups

I am really hoping to gather up some emotional security this month, especially since it is this blog’s (at least this rendition of it) 1st year anniversary. Since September was such a emotionally draining month, I need to rebuild my reserves and push through the mental, emotional, and physical bullshit that I have been putting myself through since moving to my new place. I have to proudly show my scars and say ‘This is me, no matter what.’

October 7 (3-card Research Spread)

Ace of Wands; 7 of Cups; The Hierophant

I recently found out that I was accepted into a graduate school preparation program, which helps pay for some things like GRE prep and application fees, but it also requires a thesis. So I went ahead and tried to divine how I should approach my research topic. I have to be vocal and willing to communicate with the people I want to research with and research on (I am working with GWOT veterans and how they influence communities around them and changing history). As long as I know there are options I will be able to connect emotionally to my subject and better understand what I want to present to the historical community and tell the veteran story properly. The Hierophant is a tricky card because he represents this authority, which is basically the gatekeeper to knowledge and being able to reach a community. This could simply mean, if I approach someone with enough clout within the community, I can possibly get others to sign on for the project. It is all a matter of how I approach my subject. Better get cracking on research and typing out letters and questions.

So outside the readings for the rest of the month, I have an exciting announcement. On October 31st I am launching my 30-day Online Tarot Class. It will involve written, video, giveaways, and group discussion via a Facebook group. It will cost $25 for the whole 30 days. The link will be set up soon to purchase access to the course. Stay tuned on all my social media for more information.

Stay beautiful.