My Week with Blue Apron (Review)

I have been on the fence on trying pre-grouped meals with organic ingredients, especially since they are a little on the pricier side. Thankfully I was able to get a discount on a week’s worth of Blue Apron through a podcast I listen to (Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig if you were wondering).

When I went onto the site and signed up I was really happy with a number of meals to pick for my week, but soon realized that some meals could not be paired. Though disappointed I picked three tasty meals that I knew I would not get sick of and could have for multiple meals during the week. My plan was to meal prep for one day and cook all the meals at once, but seeing as that would take too long and not give me an idea of what the food tastes like fresh, I decided to stretch the meals out during the week.

My first meal was the Creamy Lumaca Rigata Pasta, which contained asparagus, spinach, and goat cheese (a very nice Meatless Monday meal). It was an easy recipe to make and will probably make again minus a few things.

“A verdant trio of seasonal spinach, fresh basil, and asparagus gives tonight’s pasta a delicious lift. Before tossing the vegetables with curled tubes of lumaca rigata, we’re blanching and shocking the asparagus – or boiling it only briefly and then transferring it to ice water to stop the cooking process, preserving its crisp texture. Our tangy goat cheese topping provides a big of creaminess when stirred into every bite.”

According to the recipe card, it was supposed to take 40 minutes at most; preparation and cooking time combined. It took me 41.5 minutes of prep and cooking. The pasta is what took the most time. It did not turn out the same as the picture but probably because the tomato sauce was kind of runny. The taste was overpowered by the finely Parmesan cheese it was topped with; the goat cheese would have sufficed. It paired well with 2015 Vignobles Lacheteau Pouilly Fume wine, which has an acidic, dry frontal taste with a sweet aftertaste. The acid was able to blend well with the goat cheese and beat out the acid of the tomato paste. I was able to make three meals out the recipe and ingredients given.

The next meal for the week was the Seared Steaks and Salsa Verde meal with fingerling potatoes, asparagus, and radishes. The meal was a semi-difficult meal due to the steak and how it was cut and cooking it to the correct temperature. Mine was a little rarer and turned cold very quickly than I like.

“This recipe balances rich seared steaks with a few bright and seasonal accents. A delicately crunchy sauté of radishes and asparagus comes together with tenderly roasted fingerlings, a perfect springtime accompaniment. To top our steaks, we’re making an Italian-inspired Salsa Verde – an aromatic, briny condiment of garlic paste, parsley, capers, lemon, and olive oil.”

A 40-minute recipe I was able to make in 38 minutes, which is probably why my steak was very rare. That being said it was my favorite meal in the series and plus the Salsa Verde was quite tasty. It was bright and acidic without being overbearing. I paired my meal with the No Label Brewing What the Hatch Pale Ale brewed with smoked hatch chilies. The smoky texture worked well with the steak but also broke down the oily Salsa Verde. I was able to make 4 meals out of this one batch and it was good cold.

My final meal for the week was the Persian-Style Chicken & Crispy Rice meal, which has summer squash, carrots, and lemon yogurt. Quite tasty but lacked any real spice; maybe adding cayenne or chili pepper flakes.

“This dish starts with a sauté of chicken and vegetables, including tender summer squash (yours may be grey or green zucchini, or yellow squash). For authentic Persian flavor, we’re cooking it all with crunchy almonds and traditional warming spices like cardamom and turmeric. Baking some of our cooked rice before mixing it back in – along with lemon-seasoned currants – creates delicious layers of texture.”

This recipe was another one where I was able to cook in a shorter amount of time, which is impressive especially since there is rice and chicken involved. A 1-hour recipe took me only 55 minutes to do with preparation and cooking. I paired this meal with the 2013 Joseph Handler Riesling, which was particularly good when it was cooled but not extremely cold. I was able to make 3 meals out of this recipe and was good cold.

You are probably wondering how three meals can be a week’s worth, well it is a two-person meal and I am all by my lonesome. Price wise this program is not good for a single person. I can buy most of these products for much cheaper than their expected price per meal cost. I shop at several stores and most of my meals do not go over $6 per a meal. That includes quality fruits and vegetables (I shop at a farmer’s market in my town). Maybe if there was an option for individuals then it would be worth the price, but at this moment I will not be getting more meals.

Stay beautiful