2018: The Year I MIGHT Get My Shit Together

So far, this year, I have managed to schedule some exciting things for my historical research. I get to travel to D.C. in a week and conduct interviews and research for my thesis. I get to look at the stories and what the historical narrative looks like when looking at individuals who are involved in the Global War on Terrorism. D.C. is going to be a great experience; it is my first chance to do independent research on a topic outside of class. I get to have the experience of forming my thesis and what I want the reader to hear and think about. Do not get me wrong I have done it before, but under the premise, it is for a grade.

I have been going strong since the beginning of December and won't stop until March with preparing to send my applications in for graduate schools. That means I will graduate soon and by soon, I mean in May. It has been an interesting time as an undergraduate, but graduate school looks like it will be even more interesting.

All that being said…I need to get my shit together. I have been saying it for the past three years since my departure from the Army, but this is the year I really need to put my head down and barrel through applications, my thesis, and making sure everything it ready for my next big adventure. I am excited, but I am also scared that I will not get into a single school I applied for, not be able to get funding to pay for school, or get told that my research is unimportant. I know I should not be worrying about these things, but my anxiety is killing me slowly.

Thankfully, I am working with some great people who are more than willing to help me on my journey. I am also taking every opportunity to step outside my comfort zone to make sure I accomplish my goals or at the very least nudge myself towards them. These past three years have been a whirlwind. I cannot believe I am coming up on year four of my transition from the military.

So, who has some advice for me? Anyone? What are some of the things you want to do this year? Comment here or tweet me. I would love to hear about how people are going to treat 2018.

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