Coming Fall 2018…

I am not ready. That is all I have to say. I am not ready for this insane change in my life. Y’all thought I was stressed before, just wait. But maybe it will be different, and I will not be crazy like I have in my bachelors.

Okay, maybe I should explain. And no y'all are not the firsts to know. I have already announced this to all my friends and family on my personal accounts. I was accepted into the history graduate program at Texas Christian University.

Yes, you read that right…a Christian university. No, I am not converting; trust me I have been asked many times. I can deal with the heavy-handed Christian community on campus; hell, I have at Sam Houston and that is not a religious university. Also, growing up in the Bible Belt and being a pagan, I was always an outsider and always being preached at. Plus, the pagan community in the DFW is decently sized, which means more stores for me to buy supplies from.

They were not the only program I was accepted into, but it is the best program I was accepted into. If you have been following me on social media, then you would have heard about my stress with applying to grad school and taking the GRE. Just the whole mess. I was not in a happy mood and I was too stressed to do anything properly. But everyone told me as soon as I get my first acceptance, then it will all release. And it did. I honestly almost cried in public when I got my acceptance letter. Especially since it read that I was getting fully funded and a job.


I couldn’t believe that I was that competitive when I wasn’t competitive with other schools with the same areas I wanted to focus on. But this school was much better. They wanted me and in turn, I wanted to be there. Mind you this was after re-looking at their faculty, visiting their campus, and talking to everyone there. I was holding out though and I shouldn’t have. But I try to make sure everything else was not an option before I have to decide on anything. Like getting a new car, it was a big step because I was so used to something else and wasn’t sure it would work out.

So, the next steps are finishing up my semester at Sam Houston, packing up my things, and finding a place to live. It looks it will be better to rent rather than buying a fixer-upper. But I am happy and still stressed, but I can push through it.

            Starting late-July/early-August I will be reporting from Fort Worth and I cannot wait.

Stay Beautiful!