#sensualselfiechallenge day 3: "My body is mine to explore. To enjoy."

Holy moly it is day 3! Is anyone annoyed by this daily posting yet? No, not yet? Okay, moving on then…

Today I was greeted with some beautiful words from Luna Dietrich of Pussy Witch, who is a sexually empowering coach and conducts online courses to reclaim yourself. Her 5-week course called Pussy Witch Academy has everything to reclaim your inner pussy witch to include a course on Sex Magic. If you do not know about sex magic and you are just getting into the Craft, I would advise you take it slow. All the energy and feelings that come up during sexual ritual and spells can be overbearing for those who are no used to that kind of energy. All that being said, I am sure by the end of Luna’s academy you will be able to lock down those energies and put them into a satisfying ritual. Now back to her words:

"My body is mine to explore. To enjoy. 
I get to choose what I do and how I play.
Because this beautiful pleasure is mine.
However I choose, I am worthy of respect. And of love.
Because this sexuality is mine. And I am my own cause for celebration!"

Everything about her quote is beautiful, needed, and worth every pose, tear, and stress I am going through during this journey. I want to reclaim my sexuality and sensuality because I deserve it and I want to feel better about it. I have been put down about my sexual prowess and celebrating sex, but I don’t want that to be the road I am going down anymore. So, today I say goodbye to all the fuck boys that say, “Why are you so horny?” or “We fucked once…why are you being clingy?” Bitch I am not being clingy, I want more endorphins to make myself (body and soul) feel better. Trust me. If I wanted a relationship with you, I would have waited and would not be texting you back at 3 am. Bye.

Today’s picture is me displaying my power. Or at least trying to. I am worthy of celebrating my sex and my sensuality. I will respect and love myself because obviously, I have not been doing that lately. I will also seek people who respect me (body and soul) no matter how many men I have slept with or how horny I am. I will explore my body (not tonight because I have a sleep test and I seriously doubt they want to watch me masturbate) and appreciate everything I have been given and prepare myself for what is to come.

So, my lovely readers, how are you going to celebrate your sexuality? Comment below!

Stay Beautiful!