#sensualselfiechallenge day 2: "I deserve to take the time and the space to love, affirm, explore, and worship my body." ​​​​​​​

Wow! I cannot believe all the feedback I have received from day 1. It is insane. Thank you to everyone who has liked and/or commented on my photo for the challenge. It is appreciated, and I see you.

Today I got not one, but two beautiful people to help me along with finding my sensual self. They are Rafaella and Dalychia of Afro Sexology. They are a Black sex-positive duo that promotes agency and love of one’s self. They try to break down the generational sex-negative stigmas surrounding Blackness and the sexual ideals surrounding it as well. Rafaella and Dalychia sent two ways to pose but also two closely linked affirmations:

"I deserve all of the time and energy to make myself(ie) good enough. (This selfie took two shirts, three rooms, and over a dozen poses.)" – Rafaella


"I deserve to take the time and the space to love, affirm, explore, and worship my body." – Dalychia

This whole 5-day exercise is about taking up space and telling yourself that you deserve to take up that space. So, that is what I am going to do. I am going to take my time and take up space when it comes to my body and my sensuality.

By combining the two prompts together, I am taking as much space I can and affirming my sensual and sexual energy. As I discussed yesterday, I have always (especially recently) felt horrible about my body and the amount of room it takes up. I try to cram myself into such a small space that it has left me mentally and physically hurt.

I plan on doing a figurative man spread (or maybe an actual man spread…fuck it) and take up all the space that I have not been giving myself. I think because I have this lingering thought of being the perfect person for the military still latched on my mind, I have this idea that now I am not perfect, which means I should not take up and give myself the space to express myself. It is also a big part of me being a horrible introvert. Every time I put myself out there whether it is presenting, voicing my opinion, or just trying to be social, I regret it and have this guilt of taking up someone's time and space. 

I am ending that. I need to help myself and no matter how greedy it makes me, I need to do it. 

So, how are you taking up space?

Stay Beautiful!